Hi there,

I have tried several attempts to blog in the past – writing journals, diaries, videos, and different blogging sites including Xanga, Blogspot and WordPress. Each attempt has always failed as I generally lose motivation to blog quite quickly – whether I never conceived a good idea or direction for the blog, I lose interest, and in all cases – I just get lazy.

This time I’m starting a blog because I’m on another jolt of energy and I want to start recording my life down. What’s different this time? I think I have an idea of what I’m trying to do this time.

You see, I feel that I’ve been basically wasting my life away this whole time. I’ve always made excuses for not trying new things, or I’ve always said “I really want to learn..” or “I’m going to start…” but I never do. Not that I haven’t accomplished anything. I’ve generally done well academically. I have some friends. I like to hang out. I have a good job right now.

But when I look back, and I look forward – I think to myself – is this it? I’ve just been following this straight path that’s been set for me.. nothing too exciting. Just extremely… predictable. I don’t feel proud of myself at all. And when I look ahead… I can’t seen anything different. The worst is when other people ask me to talk about myself and I realize.. I don’t have much to say.

Things need to change. I want to change. I want to start living. Live in the present. Learn new things, develop new skills, push myself out of my comfort zone, and to challenge myself.

This time, I am going to try to keep up with this blog. To document my experiences, my thoughts, and my struggles. Follow me along with my journey.

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