Brunch at Chill Winstons



Went to brunch today with a friend from high school. Went to a place called the Chill Winston. It was my first time there, in Gas Town. Commute was about an hour or so.

We were going for boozy brunch, something that I haven’t heard of but apparently, it’s quite popular on the East Coast. This was my friend’s idea. He’s from Vancouver but he moved to work out easy in New York, then DC after graduation. It’s quite interesting to see how he’s changed. At the core he’s still himself, but he’s definitely picked up a lot of habits and interests that are indigenous to the East Coast – a much more metropolitan lifestyle.

For one, he was very well dressed. He was very good with talking to the waitress. And his interests have developed into global news, economy, and fashion.

Sitting there, I felt the contrast in opposed to my more sedentary and stable life style. I work as a pharmacist – 8-4 job. After work, I chill at home, watch Netflix, hang out with friends. I don’t do boozy brunches. I like my bubble tea, and sushi. I mainly hang out with friends at board games night.

I must admit I was a little envious of his life style and transformation – definitely more exciting than mine.

But in contrast- he states he always wishes he could be more laid back like me. I guess in the end, what is the best lifestyle?

We talked about how crazy it was that we’re growing older. After lunch, we indulged in gourmet coffee, then walked around the Bay looking at kitchenware. And it got me thinking – I’m thinking more about adult things – about furniture, housing, career… but what am I doing that is helping me mature as well.

This week was my vacation week and overall it’s been relaxing. But I’ve definitely starting to think about my lifestyle and how sedentary it is. The question I dread most is – what’s new? And I always think – nothing’s new. It’s the same old routine.

That needs to change. I need to change. If anything I got out of brunch today, its that my interests are too narrow, and I am craving a more exciting, and adventurous lifestyle. My friend has definitely grown and matured, with very sophisticated tastes. What about me? Have I grown? Have I matured?

I will be writing about some of my goals and plans in the next few posts. But today was a great day. (except for my toilet clogging up).

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