Cold showers


I started cold showers actually as part of my NoFap routine. It was I believe day 4 of NoFap and I couldn’t sleep at night. I was watching Daniel M on youtube (who kind of inspired me to do NoFap in the first place) and he was talking about a remedy to help sleep – Cold showers.

It was very counter intuitive but it seemed to work for him. I was intrigued and it made sense to help stopping the urges, so I tried it. It was pretty intense but he was right – I slept within 30 minutes and woke up with a clear mind.

Looking this up, I found that cold showers had other benefits:

  1. Build strong will
  2. Improve emotional resilience
  3. Reduce stress
  4. Increase alertness
  5. improve skin and hair
  6. Stimulate weight loss
  7. Increase testosterone
  8. Boost Fertility
  9. Improve circulation
  10. Improve immunity
  11. Drain lymphatic system
  12. Speed up muscle recover
  13. Relieve depression
  14. Wake you up
  15. Put you to sleep

I’m not sure about all the benefits, but I definitely noticed a few things already. I will share that in an another post.

I will also post how the progression of the showers go, and also some tips to start cold showers.



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