There is a patient I’ve been looking after.

I first met him in OPAT when he came in for his outpatient antibiotics. At the time he was on Vancomycin for his MRSA wounds in his groin.That was a few months ago.

This time, I see him on my ward – internal medicine. Same problem. But he’s had his surgery already. however, his groin wounds still hasn’t healed.

He remembers me! he strikes up conversations with me and asks me to keep him updated with his medications and antibiotics. I find it strange he has a whole team of doctors looking after him, and he asks me to update him. He makes a point to greet me every time and in a way, I feel really honoured he would put that trust in me.

We have developed a pretty good relationship, and he’s very understanding of his conditions.

It’s Christmas and I’m covering the whole hospital. But as he asked me a question to go over his cultures and antibiotics plan on Christmas Eve ( last day before holidays), I promised I’d go visit him on Christmas. He wasn’t allowed to go home because they don’t want to risk him opening his wounds.

I did just that – I visited him on Christmas morning and we had a chat about his medications. That wasn’t my job as ‘weekened clinical”, but I couldn’t not say hi on Christmas.

It’s great to have developed such a good rapport with a patient. This is why I do what I do.

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