No fap day 25


Day 25 already. I still haven’t watched porn. Yes, there were a few minutes where I opened up the site, but I never clicked into them.

As for PMO … I still haven’t fapped. Also, I really want to just blow my load sometime. It’s nice waking up with a morning wood. Also noticed my energy level is higher.

However, I’m not sure if I cheated if I still touch myself. I looked up this concept of “nipplegasm”. I have really sensitive nipples, and I wonder if touching them until i get to a point where I’m super aroused  is enough to get that “dopamine” rush from actually ejaculating. I don’t ejaculate – although when I do this, I really really want to. I still get to the point where everything almost blanks out, and afterwards, things calm down and my urges are less. Also wonder if it also makes me more lethargic.

So day 25 no fap. Today is a more balanced day. Last couple days ,I have had urges.

Technically still going. Although I need to work on not stimulating myself in other ways as well and over coming these urges in more productive ways.


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