There is a reason I don’t drink alcohol much anymore.

Sure it’s fun at times, you feel great when you’re at that sweet spot – just slightly buzzed, feeling happy, having a good time. But that’s the most dangerous. That buzz doesn’t stay for long, and when you’re there, you just want to keep drinking more. Maybe thats just a sign of getting old.

I drank 2 nights in a row. Something I haven’t done for a while. Alcohol kind of lost its appeal to me now. Again maybe just a sign of maturity. But once I started, it felt good. Really good. I’m a happy drunk.

But this morning I woke up after drink almost an entire bottle of red wine and a beer and I felt like crap. No energy. No mood to go to work. And just overall tired and malaise. It goes to show that something that can make you feel good for a moment, can lead to some pretty negative consequences. Luckily, my hangover didn’t last long, and I felt pretty normal by the time I got to work. It could have been worse.

I guess what I realize is that there are a lot of things in life that makes us feel good. But the ones we should be pursuing are the things that make us feel good long term and not just a fleeting moment. And definitely not to pursue things that makes us go backwards. Drugs, alcohol, porn – for sure they extremely pleasurable – in the moment- but getting sucked into them becomes a downward spiral where your life goes out of control.

Exercise for example, can make you healthier and happier long term…

I’m going to strive to pursue things that will not only make me feel good, but to feel good in the long run .

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