New Years Resolution

2016 – the year I turn 28.

Every year I try to make new years resolutions. Except last year, I think I didn’t even make one because I knew I probably wasn’t going to keep it.

It’s funny how we humans need to associate things to motivate us and a “new year” = “new start” seems like a good time to do start new goals. In reality, we should start new goals and do whats healthy any time we feel it.

I’ve already started on the no fap lifestyle, and I’ve just recently reset Jan 2. So I’m on another no fap journey.

I really want to try to focus on bettering my life this year. To do healthy activities for the mind and body.

So for my resolutions of 2016, I will be continuing some of the things I’ve already been doing, but I will be starting a couple new ones.

  1. Eat breakfast regularly
  2. Eat healthy and lose fat
  3. Not let porn and sex control my mind and life
  4. Read 1 book a month
  5. Learn a new skill

Of course I will be adding new ones along the way, but probably better to start small and work towards building up my achievements.

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