Meal Prepping

Great site for guide to meal prepping: Basically mass produce meals on one day of the week, so you don’t need to cook as much for the rest of the week.

I’ve definitely lost a lot of momentum trying to cook every night, and trying out different recipes. I mean, I still do try different recipes because I like variety and I want to expand the repertoire that I have. But I am getting more tired after work and just not as motivated to cook anymore. Furthermore, I am learning that to save money, the best way is to cook in bulk …. before I would be spending almost 10-20 for just 2-3 meals, which adds up in a week.

My goal is hopefully <100$ / week on groceries.

In any case, so far I’m starting to get the hang of meal prepping. Now I won’t be prepping meals just once a week, because the food will go stale and I like to eat fresh, and good tasting food.

One of the the things I’ve recently discovered is couscous – And you can get a great bag of pearl couscous mixed with quinoa and nuts at Costco for 10$. It’s really nutritious, tasty, and a great rice substitute. 1 Cup makes about 2 servings, so it’s definitely cost efficient. And it keeps well in the fridge.

I’m also trying to eat healthier as well. A lot of the foods I’m eating are the one’s I’ve previously posted about testosterone boosting foods – Eggs, milk, pomegranate juice, kale, tuna, beef, red grapes.


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